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So what's all this Tough Muddering...?

Tough Mudder Inc. was founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. In just over 7 years this 10-12 mile Obstacle Course Race has attracted more than 2 million participants over 60 events in 7 countries and raised millions for charity worldwide. Tough Mudder Ireland will once again take place in Loughcrew on July 21st & 22nd 2018 and is expected to attract close to 6,000 participants and spectators over the two-day weekend event in Co. Meath

Half the time

Don’t think you could face the 16km of mud? Fear not, there is a 8km option, with 13 obstacles to cover it’s all the mud over half the distance and perfect for those who want to challenge themselves in 2018 whilst enjoying some exhilarating and muddy fun with friends and family.

Great Experience

Why not join the YSPI team, you can be guaranteed to get covered in mud and have one of the best fun, fitness days out in what can only be described as a big muddy playground for adults!

Great team building

This ethos of teamwork over finish times is hugely attractive to families, work colleagues and friends who are looking for activity breaks to fill their weekends. It's also a fantastic team building event for companies. You might even get to dunk the boss!!

Great Cause

With your help YSPI are able to provide resources for young people, their friends and families, so that they have all the information they need to detect pre-suicidal behaviours. You can help us in our vital, life-saving work, and amaze yourself with one of the most thrilling experiences you can have, helping to save lives.

So what makes this Mudder Tough..?

Tough Mudder is challenging for even the fittest of competitors as some of the obstacles are virtually impossible to complete alone
So we need a team then ...?

However, the course is very achievable for most people regardless of ability and levels of fitness, if they work together and get their strategy right they will make it through to the finish line to pick up their headband, finisher shirt and cold beer.

What's the course like ...?

The full course features over 30 obstacles such as Block Ness Monster (Voted Best obstacle of 2016), Arctic Enema (an ice bath that will chill you to the core), Everest (¼ pipe that requires a good starting run in order to get to the top) and Electroshock Therapy (10,000 volts that will bring out moves that you didn’t know you had). The course is big, mighty and most definitely muddy

Is there something more family-friendly ...?

In 2018, Tough Mudder Ireland will once again offer a half event; all the mud over half the distance, participants will complete 13 obstacles over 8km (5 miles). Removing some of the more daunting obstacles such as the Electroshock Therapy, the half event should appeal to those who would like the challenge of getting tough and dirty but aren’t yet quite ready to tackle the full 18km (10 mile) course.

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How do I get some Tough Muddering...?

Using our discount code you can sign-up to join Team YSPI at very discounted rates shown below. Just select your day, decide if you're going full Irish or half portion and click the button below your selection. All participants must be signed up individually before they can join a team. Any supporters or spectators will also need to register and book tickets for the day of their choice. Spectators can book HERE

Saturday 21st July

59 €85
  • Half 8km (5 miles) course
  • Reduced obstacles
  • Tough
  • Family Friendly

Saturday 21st July

79 €109
  • Full 16km (10 Miles) course
  • All obstacles
  • Toughest
  • Tough Muddiest

Sunday 22nd July

49 €75
  • Half 8km (5 miles) course
  • Reduced obstacles
  • Tough
  • Family Friendly

Sunday 22nd July

69 €99
  • Full 16km (10 miles) course
  • All obstacles
  • Toughest
  • Tough Muddiest


Instructions for signing-up

The code above gives a discounted ticket price for participants Tough Mudder 2018.
  • Each participant MUST be signed up individually.
  • Place your ticket order at
  • This discount code is entered as a promotional code at checkout when you have selected the day and length ( Full/ Half) of the event you wish to participate in. The discount will be applied automatically once the code is entered.
  • At the bottom of the Registration page you will see, "If you have a promotional code, enter it here". Insert your discount code here and then click "Apply". The page will refresh, showing either a discounted ticket price or a new hidden ticket. If you do not see the button to apply your code, a new ticket does not appear or the code does not apply any discount, do not proceed with purchasing the ticket. Please contact Tough Mudder Support at and they will help you to complete your registration.
  • This charity discount code is valid for Saturday & Sunday for both the full and half events and will allow access to this discounted entry fee until 1st June 2018! **.
  • Don't forget that friends and family who want to come as spectators MUST also purchase tickets for the same day as you have booked your Tough Mudder

** Should discounted entries sell out before this date we will post a note to inform you of any changes to the availability of the discounted entry. As the general price increases in the coming months, this code will be worth more of a discount for participants the closer it gets to the event date.

Please click HERE for some promotional posters, social images, press releases etc to help recruit your Tough Mudder Teammates. If posting on your own social media channels please be sure to tag Tough Mudder Ireland on Facebook, the Irish page is HERE they will share posts on the page and on Instagram where possible.

If you have any questions about signing up for Tough Mudder or we can assist in any way please contact us below

Spectator / Supporter Tickets


Spectator /supporter tickets need to purchased in advance for Saturday or Sunday events. If you want to attend both days you need to purchase two tickets.

How to create a team

After registering for your event, follow the instructions below to create your team.
  • Log in to your Eventbrite account.
  • Enter the email address and password you used to purchase your registration. If you've forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password?". An email will be sent to your email address with steps to reset your password.
  • Once logged into your account, you will see all of your current orders. Find the specific registration you want to create a team for and click on the "View Order" button to the right.
  • Click the blue "Transfer" button on the right hand side of the page.
  • Choose the "Change Team" option on the following page.
  • Select "Create a Team", enter a team name, and click "Check Name". If accepted, you can then create a password and choose the preferred start time for your team. Then click "Continue".
  • Verify that all of the information shown is correct and if so, click "Continue Transfer". If not, click "Start Over" to begin the transfer process again.
  • You can now see your updated registration under "My Tickets".
  • Teams can be created on Eventbrite free of charge but must be created at the very latest the Friday morning before the event weekend. Creating a team also ensures that all team members will start in the same wave. In order for this to happen, each person must have joined the team on Eventbrite. If they are not they will most likely be in a different start wave.

So what do my donations achieve ...?

For every extra €500 we receive we can:

Provide resource packs to 5 more schools in remote areas

Due to logistical limitations and lack of resources, some of the more remote areas of the country cannot be serviced by our facilitators as easily as more urban areas. Our response is providing a training pack so teachers can provide the programme in their own schools.

Each pack will provide resources for all the TY, 5th and 6th year students in the school. Funding 5 school resource packs would allow us to directly contact an additional 625 to 750 students before the end of 2018.

Fund an additional second-level school visit

Based on audited figures from 2015 and 2016 the cost of providing a school visit to the charity is around €500 which includes facilitator salaries, printing, teacher packs and travel.

Each additional school visit we can achieve allows our facilitators to work directly, face to face, with anything from a single year group to three year groups of students. One additional school visit would allow us to work directly with around 250 more students than last year.

Provide 25 more hours of crisis counselling

The most requested service that schools look for is getting fast access to appropriate counselling for students they consider to be at-risk.

Our counselling support fund allows priority cases to be referred to local counsellors in the school area. Each additional €500 targeted at this option would support an additional 25 hours of priority counselling.

Fund an extra 3 weeks of FreeText Crisis Support

YSPI provides a FreeText Crisis Information Service which is free of charge to users. Texting HELP to 50015 provides immediate 24/7 crisis information.

Our Crisis Information Service also includes running our website which provides a single point for help, support and information for those in need of immediate assistance or longer term support.

So this is Tough Mudder ...?

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So how can I contact you ...?

Please use this for to contact us. We will normally respond within 60 minutes during office hours. If you want a callback then please leave your mobile number.

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