Tough Mudder Ireland Terms & Conditions

Please Note:

You can align your group/ company with a charity and make Tough Mudder more rewarding for yourself and a cause close to your heart and that of your team or group.

The code and discount rate will only be valid until 1st April 2019 or earlier if all entries at this level are sold out.

The discounted rates are as follows*

Saturday – Classic €85, 5k €39
Sunday – Classic €85, 5k €39

Tough Mudder Ireland will have discounts running in the lead up to the event in July however the price will never be lower than the price available to charities, companies, groups & gyms aligned with the 2019 event **

  • All print materials and advertising must feature the name Tough Mudder Ireland
  • All posters/ advertising must include the official Tough Mudder logo which can be found HERE
  • When posting on Facebook, please tag our official page Tough Mudder Ireland
  • If using Twitter please tweet us @teamrunireland and use #Toughmudder2019 or #wearetoughmudder

If you have an inspirational participant on your team we may feature them on our media channels, so be sure to get in touch with your stories by emailing

*  Excluding booking fee

** Group tickets may be cheaper than individual group tickets but will only be available on a booking of a minimum of 4 tickets booked at the one time.

Tough Mudder Ireland is licensed to